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A film about Stephen Cummings

‘Don’t Throw Stones’ is based on Stephen Cummings’s 2009 memoir, ‘Will It Be Funny Tomorrow, Billy?’ and explores the career of one of Australia’s finest, yet most neglected, singer/songwriters.


From his time in one of Australia’s favourite bands, The Sports, through a solo career littered with critical success, public indifference, and bad timing. ‘Don’t Throw Stones’ is a unique view of an artist trying to make it both in and out of Australia, while remaining true to himself.


Using Cummings’s own words, the film also examines the affect a memoir has on those featured within its pages and the person who wrote it.


Directed by Mike Brook, the film has exclusive access to Cummings and features appearances by Steve Kilbey, Martin Armiger, Andrew Pendlebury, Michael Gudinski, Rebecca Barnard, Joe Camilleri, Shane O’Mara, Dave Robinson and Jen Jewel Brown, ‘Don’t Throw Stones’ puts a new spin on a career retrospective.


As Cummings says, ‘Music is a way of remembering, and I guess we all remember differently.’


The Life & Times of Steve Kilbey

Steve Kilbey is one of Australia’s most prolific and influential musicians.


As frontman of the Church, solo artist and voracious collaborator he’s released some 750 songs across almost 50 albums. 

An author, poet and occasional pop culture commentator, he’s earned countless accolades en route to the ARIA Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


The Church's global smash, Under the Milky Way, was an “accident” that assumed a life of its own, a recurring dream in film, TV, advertising campaigns; seeding countless cover versions and forever enshrined among the all-time classic radio songs.

The dark side of its success was the portal to everything its creator ever wanted: the unholy trinity of sex, drugs and rock & roll that nearly laid him to waste. 

On tour, at home and in the studio, Something Quite Peculiar reveals Australia’s renaissance man — musician, poet, painter, father, survivor — in the slightly surreal light that belongs to him alone.

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